5 Game-Changing Mantras You’ll Wanna Repeat Daily

5 Game-Changing Mantras You’ll Wanna Repeat Daily

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Wellness is the buzzword on everyone’s lips—it seems like there’s a new mood-boosting food craze, of-the-moment workout, or mindfulness technique awaiting us with every scroll through our feeds. It’s really no wonder the topic is everywhere in the zeitgeist—the notion of nurturing mind, body, and soul in an effort to reach one’s full potential has universal appeal and something we embrace here at Good American. (Bring on all the self-love, please.) To that end, we’re sharing five of our favorite mantras to bring a little clarity and perspective to your day, so you can go about it with confidence, and achieve all you know you can (and more).

Especially in our social-media-fueled age, perfectionism is an epidemic. We’ve placed so much emphasis on the ideal, that we often overlook the beauty of progress. We are constantly comparing ourselves to others, rather than reflecting on and seeing value in our own journeys (which are inevitably full of ups and downs). It only benefits us to see our “failures” as moments to learn from instead of being inherently “bad.” We’re our own worst critics when we fall short, but it’s so important to be kind to ourselves—even on our worst days. This is your reminder to give yourself space, know your self-worth doesn’t hinge on numbers or accomplishments and keep on keeping on because you got this.

Let’s be real: Life’s not a cake walk. And yes, when times are rough, it’s hard to keep your head held high. This mantra reminds us to seek out the lessons and universal truths through the good and bad, as these ultimately feel angled to a purpose or north star. Reflect on where you were a week ago, a year ago, five years ago—and consider how those moments have led you to where you are now.

We all have the ability to live with intention. Much to the chagrin of all Virgos and Tauruses, there are so many things out of our control—but the choices you make are completely within your means, and there is such power in that understanding. There is a great deal of confidence in knowing who you are, what you stand for, and acting on those values, regardless of your circumstances.

What do you want to achieve? Hold onto that firmly, and don’t give up when your path isn’t direct (or exactly what you envisioned). Take setbacks in stride, knowing you can and will overcome them. The road to your ideas of success might be long, but keep the faith that you'll get there somehow.

Ok, so it’s unrealistic to pretend that you can live a life completely without judgment—however, we’ve found it beneficial to at least be mindful of when our tendencies start creeping into holier-than-thou territory. (This is especially hard when everyone’s driving you crazy, but hear us out.) Let this be your daily reminder to approach people and situations with empathy and an open mind, knowing they might be going through things you—and the rest of the world—have no idea about. Aim to be above falling into gossip that feels petty or unfounded, which will say more about your character than participating in those conversations ever will.