5 Tips for Getting the Best Beauty Sleep of Your Life

5 Tips for Getting the Best Beauty Sleep of Your Life

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Sometimes, don’t you feel like your life is going 100 miles an hour and sleep is at the bottom of your list of priorities? Although we know it’s impossible to sneak in a solid 8 hours a night, we don’t want you to burn out, so we’re advocates in getting the best beauty sleep possible (at least a few nights a week). Since we just launched our collection of pj sets, it’s fitting that we also throw in a cheat sheet for achieving your best beauty sleep possible. Follow these simple 5 steps, and call us in the morning.

1. Practice self-care.

Ugh, that overused term “self-care”. You probably hear it a hundred times a day, but we promise that the weight it holds is extremely vital to your wellness. (Ah! Another super word.) So, yes, self-care. Get in those powerful workouts, and book your massages. Practice kind thoughts about yourself, and apply extra moisturizer. Drink a shit ton of water, and chomp on veggies. This is all a part of daily investments for your future health. The healthier you are–even if it only includes a handful of greens–the better you’ll sleep at night knowing you took the time to care for yourself.

2. Make your room an oasis.

Sounds cheesy, but if you turn your bedroom into your daydream, then you may find yourself creeping in under the sheets a little earlier than usual. Opt for calming, neutral tones. Spark up a candle or two. Keep the tv in the living room. Turn the temperature to a cool 67 degrees. Splurge on satin sheets. Seriously, go all out! You work hard for your sleep, so you best enjoy the setting in which you slumber.

3. Turn. Off. Electronics.

We know, we know… You’re almost permanently attached to the email on your phone because work keeps blowing you up, and you only have two episodes left in that show you’re binge-watching so you might as well finish it before you turn in, right? No! At least a few nights a week, vow that you’ll shut off all phone notifications (sound included), and pry yourself away from the tv a couple hours earlier than usual. Utilize that time by taking a relaxing bath, read a few chapters of that book taking up space on your bedside table, or organize the hell out of your closet. Anything but soaking in blue lights and electric vibrations that overstimulate your brain at a time of day when it should be winding down.

4. Wake Up Earlier.

“Doesn’t this defeat the purpose?”, you may ask. Not if you use that time well, even if it’s just an hour before your usual rise and grind. Once you get into the habit of it, you’ll fill those 60 minutes with answering emails you’ve put off, tidying up a crazy corner of your house you’ve left unattended, practicing meditation, or jumpstarting the day’s to-do list. By eliminating side jobs earlier on in the day, you free up space in your mind and unload an invisible weight off your shoulders. Then, by nightfall, you can enjoy your bedtime ritual without any surprise reminders popping up in your brain. We’ve all dashed out of bed at 10:30 at night because we forgot to do that “one thing”, but you can pat yourself on the back by easily knocking it out at 6 am. (Another tip is to make a list of the most important things you need to take on the next day. It’s surprising how helpful this small act can be.)

5. Mind your own business.

May sound harsh, but hear us out. This is nearly a proven fact, that worrying only about yourself can help in eliminating stress, which then lowers blood pressure and eases tension. Everyone knows that the less tense you are, the better you sleep! So, the next time you find yourself worrying about someone or something that is out of your control, remember that it’s in your sleep’s best interest that you stay out of it. Sure, it takes away some of the fun, but what it won’t take away is a refreshing glow. And, that’s worth all the peace-of-mind in the world.

Now that you have your sleep figured out, flip through some zzz-inspiring photos, and shop our brand new pjs below. Sweet dreams, babe.