8 Beauty Brands for Getting a Celeb Glow

8 Beauty Brands for Getting a Celeb Glow

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How many times a day do you scroll through Instagram and swoon over so-and-sos flawless skin? She’s glowing without trying, or at least it seems. You wonder, “WTF do I need to do to get that look?”. Not to call ourselves out, but we’ve been there about 5 times a day. It’d be a dream to wake up with the dewey face of someone who has a proper amount of nighttime sleep and sticks to a clean-eating diet. Since that’s just not realistic in our lives (work is nonstop, catching z’s is limited, and meal preps are out the window), we turned to a few of the best beauty brands out there: both celebrity-led and celebrity-loved. We’ve seen their products at work on others, and we wanted in. 8 labels and a bunch of products later, we’ve witnessed results that just might make so-and-so jealous of US. Read through our experiences below…


No one serves us glowing skin quite like Kim Kardashian, so naturally, we wanted to test out a few new products from her beauty line. If you find yourself pressed for time, and need radiant skin in five minutes or less, KKW Beauty’s Body Shimmer and Loose Shimmer Powder are the answers (and are even more powerful when paired together). The water-based shimmer liquid offers a light, luminous shine that moisturizes while it radiates, and the loose powder is a pearl-esque dream packed with Vitamin E. Plus, everything smells heavenly, as we would expect it to, coming from Kim. Tip: Be mindful about what you wear when you’ve got the product on. A flawless glow isn’t as flawless once it winds up on your ivory satin slip dress. WOOPS!


Ok, so it’s a natural reaction to have your head in the gutter when you first see MDNA Skin’s Beauty Rollers, but let’s remember that this is a brand created by Madonna. So, there you go. We’d had our eyes on The Beauty Roller (both small and large) for a minute. Were these revolutionary devices everything Allure and the beauty influencers promised they were gonna be? In a way–totally! Each tool features high-density, pure carbon spheres with microgrooves that roll in multiple directions to offer a full-body experience. They’re constructed to massage, de-puff, and contour just as good as an appointment with a professional. The rollers are powered by invisible waves of Ultra-Infrared Energy, offering up molecular vibrations. While we’re still waiting to see fine lines kick the curb, we can attest to the fact that these tools are relaxing as hell and legitimately take away puffiness. You can actually feel them getting the job done. A cool tip to try: we used them over a sheet mask to kill two birds with one stone. Us, always multi-tasking.

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If you’re in desperate need of a facial but have zero free time to actually schedule an appointment, this 10-pack system is your new at-home-facialist. At first, we were fearful of red, peeling skin because we took the product name literally. After one use of the exfoliating swab, we were proven wrong. Between the cloudberry extract, glycolic acid, and hydrolyzed collagen, our skin was delicately taken care of. The next day (and even a handful after) we flexed a healthy, dewy glow that had co-workers dropping a number of compliments on how good our skin looked. Note: Try not to get too overzealous with the usage. 1-2 times a week was just enough to maintain results.


“We are all royal queens, and our skin deserves to be treated as such.” This is what goes through your mind when you’re lightly massaging Prima’s Night Magic into your skin. Yes, the intensive facial oil has a strong hemp aroma, but damn, those age-defying, hydrating ingredients and nourishing antioxidants and minerals turn your skin into silk. We woke up with noticeably younger (looking) skin, and that makes everyone feel super luxurious, whatever your age. There are so many pluses and positive attributes–see the list for yourself here. There’s nothing better than waking up to super soft skin. A few of our significant others snatched a sample and fell in love with its powerful punch.


Superstar hair guru Jen Atkin blessed us all with Kardashian-achievable locks when she launched OUAI. One product in particular that makes us feel like a runway model is her Hair Oil, a frizz-fighting gloss that protects your color and hair from damaging heat tools (ex: that flat iron you just can’t seem to quit). Don’t get all crazy and pump a bunch into your palm either. A very little goes a LONG way. We massaged the oil into our hair from midway down, to the ends. Then worked the leftover onto our top flyaways. The results: glowy hair af.


If you haven’t jumped on the gua sha therapy technique yet, we’ve got just the sculpting tool to get you started! Our dull skin was in need of circulation and rejuvenation, so we called upon Wilding’s Empress Stone, a multiple-sided doodad made from Bian stone. Bian stone is the result of a meteor striking a mountain in ancient China, and it’s an amalgamate packed with over 40 minerals. All-in-all, it’s chockfull off all the good stuff that emits positive energy. The Empress Stone totally helped to calm down early morning puffiness, and although we couldn’t see a massive difference in lines, it’s become a relaxing addition to our day. We recommend checking out Wildling’s tutorial videos that show you different ways to get the most out of the massage tool.


If it’s a glow you’re looking for, turning to Gwyneth Paltrow’s GOOP beauty line is a no brainer. Gwyneth Paltrow hails the Microderm Instant Glow Exfoliator as a “powerful facial in a little jar”, and she’s not lying. The fluffy, whipped consistency has a fine, grainy texture that polishes away dead skin cells in 3 minutes (props to the glycolic acid and four microexfoliating mineral ingredients for doing their job, and far beyond). If you wanna go even harder, like something similar to a chemical peel, we’d recommend the 15% Glycolic Overnight Glow Peel. Once a week, you run the presoaked pad over your face, neck and chest before you hit the hay, and while you sleep the glycolic acid, tropical fruit extracts, Australian Kakadu plum, and hyaluronic acid get to work. The next morning, rinse the product off and freak out a little about how glowing your skin looks. Because trust us, it’s gonna happen.


Kylie’s simple-but-feminine branding approach makes for great eye candy when you’re on your skincare ritual grind two times a day. To achieve as close to a Kylie glow as possible, here are the standout products that had us looking like we got a full week’s worth of good night’s sleep. First, The lush Foaming Face Wash gets your skin squeaky clean without stripping natural oils. Second, the Vanilla Milk Toner smells heavenly, absorbs quickly and layers easily under the rest of your products. Lastly, the Vitamin C Serum and Face Moisturizer became our dynamic duo because of their soothing textures and healing ingredients. Honorable mention-the Coconut Body Scrub that gives your skin a moisturizing glow. And the smell!