Catching Up With Model Nicole Williams-English

Catching Up With Model Nicole Williams-English

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We recently caught up with long-time Good Squad member Nicole Williams-English on the set of our Spring 2020 campaign. The seasoned model and dog mom of two keeps busy jet-setting for modeling jobs, designing new pieces for her swimwear collection, Nia Lynn, and spending quality time with her husband, Larry English. Amongst the bustle of final fittings and cameras flashing on set, we joined Nicole in glam for a quick update on her life.

Describe yourself in a sentence.

I’m a lover of all things. I’m very compassionate about the welfare of animals and all living creatures and I love to explore.

What do you wish more people knew about you?

I wish more people know how friendly and down to earth I am! I’m very approachable and kind, which may not come across through social media. I’m actually a complete nerd and quite funny too!

Describe your role models in 5 words:

I have a few role models or people I look up to. One person who I really admire is Ellen DeGeneres, I absolutely love watching her! She’s funny, kind, compassionate, an animal activist, and just very real. I love when people use their success towards helping others and creating powerful movements.

Photography by Devon Endsley

Photography by Devon Endsley

What are your top tips for maintaining a successful relationship?

I will take a leap here and say I’m a professional at relationship advice! I actually really love it. My friends come to me for advice ALL the time! The key to having a healthy relationship is really just knowing that person is your best friend, that’s first off. If you have a healthy foundation and naturally love to be with each other that is a great start. You also need very good communication. If you can’t communicate with each other and listen to each other then that’s probably the weeds to the relationship and it’s quite toxic. Always make time for each other and show you care by doing things for each other, even something as small as making their coffee in the morning, or making the bed, leaving a sticky note on the mirror. Date nights always keep the spark alive so make time to set up a dinner and a movie or a trip to the beach to watch the sunset. The key is to keep that same feeling you had when you first met alive and growing. It’s not always easy to find it when the years of being around each other may have buried it deep down, but once in a while, you have to uncover it and remember how you got to where you are and how much you love each other and the reasons why.

What past experience in your life taught you the most?

I have lived in so many places because of my modeling career and at a young age, I had to figure out how to live in places where the language and culture were very different from what was familiar to me. I think this taught me a sense of independence and is why I love to travel and explore. I also think my modeling career has not followed the same trajectory as most models. I have learned that you cannot control the timing of things and when you are ready for them, they will happen. When I was 19 and disappointed I wasn’t getting as many jobs as some of the other girls or my career wasn’t taking off fast enough, I wish I could have understood that I would have all my dreams come true in the right timing for me. Some of those dreams, like being on the cover of Ocean Drive, are coming true now. And some of those dreams, like being in Sports Illustrated, might be right around the corner. It is never too late.

What’s one (or a couple) mantras you live by/repeat to yourself regularly?

You got this! I always say it to myself when I get nervous!

Photography by Carin Backoff

Photography by Carin Backoff

Career advice you’d give your younger self?

I’d tell my younger self to stay strong and keep loving yourself. This world is full of hurdles and obstacles to steer you off your path. I’d tell myself it’s ok to fail, it’s ok if that door closes in your face because so many more will open up and accept you. Don’t worry because you are enough and you will be just fine as long as you keep your head up and heart open!

Describe what it’s like owning your own business/being a designer:

Being a designer is something I’ve dreamed about since I was little and would help my Mom sew on her sewing machine. I have always loved fashion and when I was growing up I would take apart my clothes and sew them back together in a different way or put patches on my jeans and make them my own. I’d then wear these altered clothes to school and all the girls would want them! I started dreaming of having my own brand one day and that’s how it began. Starting my own business was so exciting yet so scary for me because I chose to do it alone. I love when I get to make something and then see it on someone; it’s the most rewarding feeling for me. It is no doubt the hardest thing I’ve ever done because there’s a lot of hiccups along the way as you sort through quality and marketing strategies, but it’s so worth it in the end.

How do you make sure work doesn't feel like work?

Great question! I always say that I’m so blessed to call what I do my “job”. It was just a gradual thing for me growing up because I knew what I wanted so young and I fought HARD to get it. Even when I was told it wasn’t going to work for me, I continued to find a study that would make me money in the future. I ignored it all and just followed my heart and did what I loved. I still do that every day. Now looking back I’m so happy I stuck to my guns because there’s never a day I feel like I have to work, I just do what I love.

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