Daphne Oz, Tv Host, Entrepreneur, and Author, on the Secret Sauce of Life

Daphne Oz, Tv Host, Entrepreneur, and Author, on the Secret Sauce of Life

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It's not easy being all the things, all the time, and yet, somehow, we try! Therefore, in an ongoing pursuit to improve our work journeys, personal lives, and beyond, we’re continually seeking women who are thriving, across the board. We ask Daphne Oz how she manages to do it all, from career highlights (and failures), to productivity hacks, real advice on balance, finding personal power, and of course, style.

For Daphne, life seems to be a balancing act between passions: food, work, and family. A woman with a never-ending list of titles, including the daughter of famed TV personality Dr. Oz, former co-host of ABC’s daytime foodie talk show, The Chew, entrepreneur, TV personality, NY Times Best Selling author (three books & counting), and mom (of three kids and counting!).

Below, while temporarily living in LA to film an upcoming tv project, Daphne, an enterprising slashie, shares how she does it in every aspect of her life.

What’s the secret sauce -- How do you get it all done?

The recipe to the secret sauce is always being tweaked and refined. For starters, time is precious, and I treat it as such. I try to maximize the time I have and be present in whatever I’m doing. Plus, I multitask like nobody’s business! It’s the only way I'm able to “do it all.” For example, while living in LA this month, I purposefully schedule calls while I'm in the car between things, and in NYC I tend to do the same, except for I'm walking rather than driving. Plus, I try to cluster meetings, errands, and activities around certain areas, so I limit the time spent commuting (as best I can).

So, what’s a typical day like for you, on and off set?

No two days are the same, really. Today, in particular, is unusual as we had the day off from filming in anticipation of the 4th of July -- we rarely have a weekday off! I got up at 6 am to squeeze in a prenatal workout (a 27 min class online with Obé Fitness) which, btw, I’m super proud of myself for doing (insert pat on the back here). I've found that workouts need to be short, sweet, and convenient (i.e. in my living room) to fit into my schedule.

After which, I hung with the kids over breakfast, drove them to Malibu for camp, then to Erewhon for groceries, and made two work calls while I was in the car. Later today I have a couple more meetings and another call (while driving), plus a handful of errands to run.

After I pick up the kids from camp, we'll hang for a bit, and then John and I have a dinner party tonight. I'll try to be asleep by 9:30 or 10 pm.

Versus the days I'm filming, which are entirely different. I’m up at 5:30 am and to the studio by 6 am. My day consists of a serious of eating (a hazard of the job), filming, and running back & forth between the set and my dressing room to keep my feet up as much as possible (annoyingly I’m battling these crazy leg veins with this pregnancy). We typically wrap about 5 pm, and I head home for dinner, baths, books, and bedtime with my kids.

Photography by Vanessa Tierney

Photography by Vanessa Tierney 

How about managing full workdays and parenting?

We’ve moved around a lot in the last few years for work (from NYC to Palm Beach, and now LA) and I’m proud of how adaptable my kids have been. They’re willing to take on the adventure with us. However, as a result, this has heightened the importance of keeping a few consistent family routines, so our kids feel secure in knowing that home is the five of us together rather than a place. Therefore, to balance my erratic work-life with momming, no matter how busy my day is, I make it a priority to be home for dinner and bedtime every night. That's just how we do.

What have been your LA wellness discoveries?

Well, for the most part, I've worked every day through June and weekends are family time (we've explored Ojai, Newport, and Montecito so far). I’ve yet to dive into the LA wellness scene too deeply. LA does such a phenomenal job of making wellness accessible. From the farmers market to the acupuncturist, everyone is on the right wavelength. I want to explore it all, and my list is long. In July, our filming schedule is less intense, and I plan to tackle all my recs.

Seeing as food is a big part of your life...what does a day in food look like for you?

This pregnancy, in particular, I have tried to eat in a way that fuels my baby's growth and leaves me sated. With my first, I had no idea what to expect and went hog wild, and with each one since, I've become more and more present in my eating. This includes tons of fresh veggies, fruits, lean protein, healthy fats with little complex carbs (like avocado and toast) and fermented foods, plus I put sauerkraut on everything (read EVERYTHING). Keeping gut health is critical, in general, but also because I travel so much for work. Now, don't get me wrong, with all that said, I also hit up Casa Vega for Mexican on the regular too! I believe in balance.

Photography by Vanessa Tierney 

Photography by Vanessa Tierney 

Dressing while pregnant:

It’s tricky. With this pregnancy, in particular, I've relied on going a size or two up and tailoring where needed. Plus, I've paired down my wardrobe and have fewer pieces of clothing that fit me well but make me feel great versus a closet full of stuff that makes me feel like crap. That said, a few brands have been my go-to in the maternity space, such as Doen and Hatch. I lean on dresses (in a big way) that are breathable, fun, and flirty, plus show some leg or collar bone. It's hot in LA! And, I finally transitioned to maternity jeans a month ago and have been wearing a pair from Good American almost every day. I feel like they hit at the right point on the stomach, so I don’t have to be continually adjusting. Honestly, I've tried them ALL (literally) over four pregnancies, and this pair nails it. I love them.

How have you found your power?

Like everyone, I have highs and lows. Some days, I feel like I have it all sorted and others, well, not so much. I find my power and confidence to keep going after my goals through the love and support of the phenomenal people around me. Most notably my husband, my biggest cheerleader, of which none of this would be possible without him. He's thoughtful and my fair critic.

Additionally, I value taking time for myself to maintain my energy and stamina in all aspects of my life. When I’m worn out, I take a long walk or a moment to get my nails done. I have zero issues with taking care of myself. I've realized over the years that I'm a renewable resource and the most incredible self-energizing battery when recharged. I strive to avoid feeling that every minute I’m not with my family is a miss or in reverse, every moment I’m with my family is a potential missed opportunity with work.

Photography by Vanessa Tierney


Health & Wellness

1. Be Hive of Healing

2. Prenatal Massage: Desirée Freund, founder of Mamasseuse

3. Lori BregmanBirth Doula

Food & Restaurants

1. Casa Vega

2. Gjusta

3. Mh Zh

4. Bavel

5. In-N-Out Burger

6. Sqirl

7. Café Tropical in Silverlake: "A cute Cuban place with great coffee, creamy OJ, and the best breakfast croissant and guava cheese pastry around."

8. Brentwood Country Mart: "Coffee at Cafe Luxxe and lunch in the center courtyard, either a picnic from Farmshop or the fried chicken/shrimp and fries baskets from the chicken place; the kids love the bookshop and toy shop there, and they have killer homemade bagels right next to the Blue Bottle coffee every Sunday."

9. Brentwood Farmers Market: "Gorgeous fresh citrus, lettuce, yogurt (The French Yogurt apricot is the best yogurt I’ve ever eaten), fermented foods of all kinds (especially the Korean stand), figs, meats/seafood, eggs. Bonus, the kids love playing in the playground next door!"

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