DJ Millie Shares Her Dream Workout Playlist

DJ Millie Shares Her Dream Workout Playlist

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Working out in the winter can get daunting, so we turned to Cali-native, DJ Millie, an artist whose glow makes everything she touches feel like summertime. The Wilhelmina-signed model and DJ can be seen jetting from major event to major event across the globe, but no matter how bonkers her schedule gets, she still keeps wellness a priority and gives props to her group of girlfriends.

Here's her workout-approved tracklist below. Add it to your phone ASAP!

Hey DJ Millie! We follow you on Insta, and see you performing all over the world. Can you run us through what a regular day looks like for you?

Hi!!! So honestly, no day is really “regular”. Every day is completely different from the others. Some months might be a tour, so those days consist of constant travel, soundchecks, and shows. Some days I might have a photoshoot! It’s always a surprise! When I’m home I like to wake up, go to the gym, practice, studio, and I enjoy cooking and watching Chopped.

What song has been randomly playing in your head lately?

 “I Can Fvking Tell” by SAINt JHN

Do you remember a song you heard as a young girl that had a huge impact on you?


I grew up around some real musical legends and one of my favorite songs ever that I heard a lot was “Stop to Love” by my dear Uncle Luther Vandross.

Your job is pretty high energy and requires you to travel frequently. Is it all as glamorous as it looks, or are there times when you wish you could keep a low profile and chill?

It’s insane because I used to be extremely terrified of flying. Now I just sleep and go. I’m so blessed so I really have no complaints! It’s so much better than any job I’ve ever had so it doesn’t feel like work.

When it comes to wellness, what’s your workout approach and how do you keep a healthy mindset?

I love food. And a lot of it. This year I said I’d be more aware of my portion sizes and eat more salads and a green juice a day! I go to Barre class and train pretty hard when I’m home. I also LOVE the steam room. It helps with stress and anxiety!

Photo courtesy of DJ Millie

What's the best advice you’ve ever been given? What advice do you love to give to others?

Best advice was definitely to stop being afraid of showing the world the raw version of myself. I think that can go for anybody. Especially nowadays with social media, it’s too frequent that we just share how we want people to see us even if that isn’t the real us. The world would be a lot more interesting if everyone wasn’t all trying to be the same.

Tell us what you have planned for 2020. Anything you hope to do differently, or try that’s new for you? And, what’s something that you don’t plan on changing anytime soon?

I plan to travel a whole lot this year! Like way more than usual. I’m booked a lot more internationally in 2020 and even started the year off in Africa and Australia. Ready for a good time! I don’t plan on changing my “whatever I’m down” energy because it’s been serving me well!

Any women out there who inspire you that you’d love to shoutout?

Really, my girlfriends. Like, I really have the coolest, most talented, hardworking friends ever. The list can go on and on but most of all my sister P’lar who had a baby last year, and is the best mother/wife/fashion designer ever. While still remaining the nicest person on earth, she really has no idea how much she inspires me daily.

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