5 Ways to Enjoy LA with the Tots in Tow
5 Ways to Enjoy LA with the Tots in Tow

5 Ways to Enjoy LA with the Tots in Tow

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Khloé Kardashian and Emma Grede, our founder-extraordinaires, are two of the most brilliant business authorities in the industry today. But when they’re not leading board meetings and making mega-moves at the Good American offices, both Klo and Emma are busy focusing on the most important day-to-day endeavor of them all—being mama.

Emma’s on double-duty as mum to two adorable babes—her son, Grey and daughter, Lola—whose daily developments and cute quips she sometimes shares (to our delight) on her Instagram account. Her social media will show that in the Grede home, the weekend provides time spent with family. Here are Emma’s five favorite ways to take advantage of Los Angeles’s kid-friendly offerings on Saturdays and Sundays.

#1 Spend the day sea-side

“My children’s favorite spot in Los Angeles is the Venice Boardwalk,” says Emma, “and then onto Santa Monica Pier to the old arcades! They will watch the skateboarders at the Venice Skate Park for as long as I’ll let them—their crazy tricks for the crowd provides hours of entertainment. Then, we’ll walk to Santa Monica to the pier. They love playing the games, working hard to collect as many paper tokens from their winnings as possible. They then get to buy something completely useless from the arcade shop, but they’re so happy and excited about it!”

#2 Visit a museum

There are tons of museums and galleries in Los Angeles, but Emma says that when it comes to entertaining the little ones, LACMA is where you want to go. “LACMA is an amazing day out with the kids. They have a really reasonable membership program and it’s worth signing up the entire family, so you can visit as much as you’d like during the year. And you don’t just have to frequent the usual gallery and exhibit offerings--they have really cute art classes and story-time offerings catered to kids throughout the season. My children are especially mesmerized by the urban lights installation outside. I appreciate that they’re being exposed to art and culture while also letting out some energy and having fun running through the incredible installation.”

#3 Get literary

Whether it’s the local library or book store, Emma suggests spending your Sundays discovering new stories. “We spend hours in Children’s Book World on Pico Blvd,” Emma says in reference to the 2017 winner of the Pannell Award for Best Children's Specialty Bookstore. “The staff is super knowledgeable. You can literally tell them a topic that your children are showing interest in that week, and they’ll immediately pull together a pile of books in that genre to spark their imagination! We spend hours sitting together in the aisles just reading and finding new favorite books.”

#4 Go shopping!

Sometimes, Saturday calls for some shopping therapy! If the kids are coming, it may as well be a store you can both get excited about. “I have a few favorite children’s stores in Los Angeles,” shares Emma. “Poppy in Brentwood has the most beautiful little girl’s clothes and the best selection of swimwear for kids. Trico Field in Beverly Hills is where I go for boy’s clothing, and finally Everafter, also in Brentwood, is my go-to boutique when it comes to cute bits and pieces and the perfect place to buy kid’s birthday presents!”

#5 Look for recurring offerings

Los Angeles has so many weekend events for kids at libraries, parks, and other spaces that take place regularly, often times for free. Emma recommends finding one that you can frequent and make it into a family affair that you try to do together at least a couple times a month. “I often take my babies to the Morning Movie program at Soho House which happens at 11am on Saturday and Sunday, followed by a family brunch. It’s a super relaxed buffet with all foods that the kids love, like waffles and pancakes with a toppings bar so they can make it their own. It’s great because after the morning movie, we eat together and then there’s a play area for them to interact with other kids. It lets me supervise while also catching up on the paper.”

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