GA Loves Khloé's Nail Spot: Field Trip to Modern Pamper Salon

GA Loves Khloé's Nail Spot: Field Trip to Modern Pamper Salon

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Sometimes it’s the little things that make you feel put together. For us, it’s our nails. Our schedules could be packed to the brim, with workloads piling in and people pulling us from every angle, but squeezing in self-care time at the nail salon is a priority.

The one person whose nails end up saved in our Insta folder repeatedly is Khlolé Kardashian. Her nail shape of choice is coffin, but sometimes she switches it up with an almond or stiletto number. The colors vary–from deep reds and chocolate to metallic hues and electric pinks. She loves a solid but isn’t afraid to play around with nail art. Honestly, she could change a full set every damn day if she wanted, without any of us suggesting it’s excessive. We’d do the same, honestly.

Modern Pamper Salon in L.A.’s valley is to thank for Khloé on-point nails. It’s also worth mentioning that all the sisters are fans of the spot since at any given time, you’ll see Kim, Kourtney, Kendall, or Kylie’s nails posted on MPS’s Insta (or their own). Instead of staying crouched over on our couch, clicking through the salon’s stories on our phone, sorta-kinda jealous, we grabbed a few GA team members (who grabbed their inspo pics) and decided to get pampered ourselves-KK style.

Here's all that went down...


Photography by Devon Endsley

CLARISSA “It’s my birthday next week! I want something extra fabulous.”

This b-day girl has had long nails for a hot minute, and every couple of weeks she’s got a fresh, new design on them. Once she set her eyes on a sparkling set that could blind traffic if the light hit her hands just right, she knew that was the style made for her. At first, the nail artist suggested she only decorate her pinky nails, but Clarissa pretended as if she didn’t hear that. So, full-disco-ball it was! The best news, no gems popped off! Even after a couple of weeks.


Photography by Devon Endsley

MALLORY “Kendall did this cow-print design, and I’m kinda into it.”

As someone whose personal style is very clean, monochromatic, and NYC influenced, Mallory popping off with a cow pattern sorta threw us all for a loop. Her nail artist suggested adding tips to get the full effect–another unexpected move for her. But, she was eager to try whatever was needed to get the job done. The aftermath? Though everyone loved the design, it was hard to take Mallory seriously in any meetings, but it was definitely a fun conversation starter around the office.

Photography by Devon Endsley 

GABBI “I want something minimal, but with a hint of sparkle.”

Out of everyone’s nail pics, Gabbi’s was the most that felt like her on a day-to-day basis. It was a pretty sheer nude, with a glitter detail that hugged the cuticle. We all crowded around her table like a peanut gallery, as the artist tested out how much, or how little glitter she should add to the nail. “Too much. Maybe higher? Try to add more. What about like this? Spread it over. That’s good! Or maybe less?” We couldn’t keep our mouths shut, and the design just wasn’t feeling true to Gabbi’s style, so she decided to stick with a natural color for her almond-shaped nails. We all sighed in relief, and the end product was beautiful, and straight to the point.

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