Shiny Statements that Get You Noticed on Every Level

Shiny Statements that Get You Noticed on Every Level

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One thing we’ll never deny ourselves: an opportunity to get noticed. Now that the cold weather is creeping up, it’s time to have fun with fabrics and textures that scream, “You better look at me. I’m here to shine, from head to toe. Not going anywhere. Take it all in. That’s right, y’all. I’m SHINING!” Ok, maybe we’re getting ahead of ourselves, but you get the idea. Timid, we’re not.

High shine is everything at the moment. Shimmering silvers. Glossy patent. It feels Rock n’ Roll, but late ‘90s Hip Hop. It embodies edge, yet can be translated as feminine if styled right. It’s power. It’s a good time. It’s a statement that commands attention.

So here we are, decked out in our shiniest garb, with our chin held high, and we suggest you try the same. Unofficially proven to be a mood booster, shine is the spotlight you need to walk through life unapologetically. Just scan through our trip down silver and patent memory lane, and tell us you're not inspired.