Giovanna Battaglia Engelbert on her stylish travels
Giovanna Battaglia Engelbert on her stylish travels

How to Pack Like Giovanna Battaglia Engelbert, the World's Most Stylish Woman

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We can say with fair certainty that Giovanna Battaglia Engelbert is one of the most photographed street style stars in the world today. Every fashion month, the globe-trotting creative consultant and editor steps out in a revolving door of snap-worthy looks that demonstrate her sartorial prowess and industry titan status. A bona fide fashion authority, Giovanna travels the world to style shoots, sit in front rows, and lend her discerning eye. Along the way, she’s mastered the art of packing, not necessarily in terms of minimalism, as her hashtag series #OverpackersAnonymous has shown, but most definitely in terms of efficiency and style. In this Good Times exclusive, Giovanna shares some of these travel tips with us. With her advice in your back pocket, it just may be time to cross a new place off your bucket list.

Giovanna Travel
Photo courtesy of @BAT_GIO

Invest in great luggage + travel products

“I never travel without my red T Anthony suitcases. I love the red because you can easily find them at baggage claim. I added some Globe Trotter trolleys to the family. The big one is great to fit all the long gowns, coats, and dresses. Most recently I retired my 10 year-old Globe Trotter carry-on trolley for the Rimowa x Off-White trolley. I love this one so much because it's clear so you can easily find what you need in it. For travel accessories I use Prada red pouches for small things, Smythson jewelry cases, and Palmgrens in Stockholm has the most beautiful colorful leather beauty and jewelry pouches.”

Bring a carry-on

“In my carry-on, I always pack my iPad, computer, chargers, books/magazines, sunglasses, and any valuable jewelry or breakables.”

Learn to pack smart

“It's always good to consider leaving out items that are super bulky or that will need a lot of ironing. I always pack super easy items like flowy dresses and tunics that can be dressed up or down. I always make sure to pack one black and one blue pair of jeans. I love my Good Waist and Good Legs Raw Hem jeans from Good American - they are perfect for traveling and working in. Also, always pack a nice party look, because you never know!”

Giovanna Travel
Photo courtesy of @BAT_GIO

Have a strategy

“Read the Overpackers Anonymous chapter from my book GIO_GRAPHY. I always pack my suitcases by category so it's easy to unpack and find what I need. I will do one with dresses and coats, another with skirts and bottoms and tops, and one with shoes and bags. I love putting my beauty items, jewelry, and chargers, in small pouches, too. Separate your toiletries into different bags by category. I have one bag for face and skincare products, one for hair supplies, and one for makeup. I also love the clear beauty organizers from Muji. These are perfect for small tools and supplies.”

Get the most in your suitcase

“I jump on it and ask someone to step on it so I can close it (hehe). But, it’s very important to lay the clothes flat in the suitcase instead of folding them - like a lasagna. It makes sure nothing wrinkles, allows for more space, and is way easier to unpack when you arrive.”

Have a go-to travel outfit

“I wear a pair of high-waisted denim like The Good Waist with a comfortable t-shirt and sneakers. Then I love to bring a cashmere sweater and my Hermes scarf for the plane in case it gets cold. My colorful cashmere Elder Statesman sweater is a favorite.”

Giovanna’s final travel takeaways

“Check the weather forecast before you start packing. And, when in doubt... overpack! But if you make a mistake and forget something, it's an excuse to go shopping!”

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