2020 Jumpstart: 3 Ways to Make Winter your New Workout

2020 Jumpstart: 3 Ways to Make Winter your New Workout

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Don’t freak out, but in a few weeks, it’s gonna be a whole new entire decade: 2020. With this comes a slew of resolutions that you’ll be hyped about making, but will most likely let fall to the side as January slides into February, and March sinks into April. Before you know it, it’s October and the promises you made to yourself in week 1 of ’20 are all but a hazy dream. There’s no shame in it, we’ve been victim to New Year Res’ remorse, too.

We’ve come up with a plan to push through all that drama. Instead of waiting ’til midnight on January 1st, we suggest getting a head start now in December. Call it “reverse psychology”, or “getting our shit together”.  Either way, we’re tired of our own excuses and suggest you stop accepting your own. Just because it’s cold as hell outside, doesn’t mean you can’t whip up a healthy habit a month early. Staying healthy is in fashion 12 months a year, and we know how looking good is important to you.

So, “what’s the plan?,” you ask. First off, pick your workout. Depending on where you live, what your work schedule and budget are like, your options could be vast or limited. Think about the results you want to get out of your workout. Is it physical gain or stress management? Are you looking to stretch and meditate on a mat, or go hard for 45 minutes and sweat like crazy? Are you into running outside in cold air solo, or spinning your heart out in a group class? Pick the option that will hold your interest, and provide results you've been craving. This will up your odds of getting addicted to your workout (in a healthy way, of course), and keeping at it.

Second, gear up. What you put on your body has a strong effect on what you get out of it. If you’re loving your outfit, you feel cute, especially if it’s activewear that’s designed to flatter your shape (hey, that’s ours!) and comes in a range of supportive fabrics to go along with the level of impact you’ll take on (ok, that’s totally ours again). Once you're feeling fly and confident, give your all to the workout you signed up for. It's also worth pointing out that we design active outfits, not just pieces. So you can layer up on the styles and details you love-keeping warm and lookin' hot at the same time.

Third, be your biggest motivation. It's gonna take more than a boutique gym membership to get your ass outta bed in the frigid mornings. The second your alarm buzzes, remember who you're doing all of this for. Not your momma, not your friend, not your neighbor's cousin, but yourself. If you have to lay out your workout clothes the night before, stash a workout bag in your trunk, and sleep with your sneakers on, do it! Whatever makes your new fitness life easier. Visualize the feeling of how proud you'll be of your body (and will power) five months down the road. Manifest and act on positive thoughts when all you want to do is hide on the couch in front of the tv. That thing can wait. Put yourself first, girl. 

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