Model Juliana Herz

Juliana Herz

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Costa Rican model Juliana Herz has graced swimsuit editorials aplenty, but she's much more than a beachside beauty. In the last couple of years alone, she’s been on the cover of L’officiel, starred in a L’Oréal commercial, shot for Yeezy, and appeared in multiple big-time music videos, but Juli hasn’t let any of it get to her head. This jeans and sneakers type of girl would rather hang in watching Harry Potter (FYI she’d be in Hufflepuff) than be out on the scene, and that laidback realness of someone completely comfortable in their own skin is what we love about her.

I want women to understand that we have a voice and we shouldn't be afraid to use it. I feel like as I get older, I am more comfortable in my skin and voicing my opinions. I also want younger women to keep in mind that not even the models in the magazines look like that...Don't look at the girls in the magazines and compare yourself to them. You'll drive yourself crazy.

Photo courtesy of @JULIHERZZ


To me being a “good American girl” means someone that’s comfortable in her own skin, doesn’t need to put others down to feel better about themselves, and understands that beauty comes in all shapes, colors, and sizes.


Photo courtesy of @JULIHERZZ


I really want to be able to use my social media for something good so in the next 5 years I would like to be traveling the world with different charities to help out in whatever way I can in different countries.

Photo courtesy of @JULIHERZZ


I feel inspired by the younger generation who's speaking up about things that they care about.

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