Catching Up with Yoga Instructor Extraordinaire Alex Kaufmann

Catching Up with Yoga Instructor Extraordinaire Alex Kaufmann

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If you're one of the hundreds of thousands of followers @BahaYogi has on Instagram, you've read her bio line, "I teach yoga and host luxury vacation retreats." But, Alex Kaufmann is beyond a teacher and host, she's a mindful muse who radiates warmth and practices good intentions. She has a glow from within that makes you go, "Damn, what is your skin routine?" We've learned, it's not just a beauty ritual, but her dedication to wellness of the mind, body, and soul that's key.

On a recent trip to Miami, the Nassau-based yoga instructor met up with us on South Beach one early morning. As she posed (literally in yoga poses) along the shoreline, she caught the attention of a few locals, giving them an impromptu session right there in the waves. That's Alex for you–sharing the love she has for what she does with as many people as she can.

It’s been a minute since we’ve caught up with you. Tell us what you’ve been up to since our last interview for the Good Squad.

Wow, now that I think about it…so much has happened since then. I’ve traveled to about 10 new countries to teach yoga either through classes, workshops, or retreats I’ve hosted. I also moved back home to Nassau, Bahamas and now I’m in the process of opening up a yoga studio.

You’ve practiced yoga since 2010, how has your relationship with it evolved over the years?

I love yoga more and more every day. I think in the beginning I was super focused on the asana, which are the poses of yoga, but the deeper I get into yoga, I am focusing more on pranayama, which is the breathwork. It is so important to breathe, and I feel that is so easily forgotten. Also when I say breathe I mean really breathe, like use as much space in your lungs as possible for a deep breath in and a long, cleansing breath out!

Photography by Jamie Girdler

3. Yoga has helped you with building your confidence, allowing you to feel free, and grounding you. How do you help to pass these traits down to your daughter? What is the most important thing that you want to teach her as she grows into a woman?

Yes, yoga helped me at a time when I was dealing with super low self-esteem, depression, and anxiety. She watches me practice yoga and joins in sometimes - she’s not the biggest fan of the practice but loves the “cool” breathing exercises. In all that I do, she is definitely my biggest supporter. She is aware of how passionate I am with my love for yoga and my work in general, and I have already seen how that has inspired her to be more focused on the things that she loves. The most important thing I ALWAYS tell her is to never let anyone tell you that you cannot accomplish something. Always try and put your best effort forward and be open to learn from your experiences, be it good or “bad”. I tell her to never ask why something is happening to her, but to ask what she can learn from it.

We’re all about promoting self-love over here. What is your favorite quality about yourself?

SELF LOVE CLUB!! YAAAS :P Ahhhh it’s so hard to choose, I love it all! Hahaha, I think my smile is my favorite. Smiling can really change your outlook on things, and sometimes when I feel down, I look in the mirror and smile. It’s weird, haha, but I feel it helps me cheer up, even if just a bit.

Photography by Jamie Girdler

How do you start each morning, and end every day?

I start every morning thankful, and end every day grateful. Life itself is a pure blessing.

Who is your biggest inspiration?

My mama! I’ve seen that woman fight the biggest battles, jump the highest hurdles, and pretty much just be a downright superhuman. She is my everything.

When do you feel most BOSS?

When my hair is freshly cut and bleached and I’m feeling my outfit - that’s when it goes down! I’m owning the runway of life, hahaha.

Photography by Jamie Girdler

What kind of foods are you into at the moment? Any healthy suggestions as we head into the new year?

Poke bowls have to be my absolute addiction, it’s like sushi in a bowl…*drools*. Healthy suggestions? Try new cuisines when you eat out, cook your own meals and experiment with new recipes and eat ethically and sustainably obtained ingredients whenever possible/accessible.

I know you travel all over to teach and do yoga. Where was your favorite place you’ve been to?

Amorgos, Greece. A small island just a 9-hour boat ride away from Athens…an absolute dream! I go every year to teach yoga either at a convention or a retreat I’m hosting and always end up looking for a house to buy there. The island is pure magic and you have to visit to feel the energy but I guarantee you will fall in love.

Photography by Jamie Girdler

If you could do yoga anywhere in the world, where would that be?

I have this dream of doing yoga on every island of The Bahamas. Which might be a little hard because we’re counting in at about 700 islands and a few thousand cays, haha but I think I’m off to a good head start :p

We’re kind of in awe of all the swimsuits you rock on Instagram.

Thank you!!! I’m actually in the process of starting my own line! Fingers crossed it’ll be out and ready for Summer 2020. Of course, size-inclusive and ethically made :)

What yoga retreats do you have coming up?

I have registration up for Sun, Sand and Soul in Cat Island, Bahamas on March 19-24, 2020. This retreat is going to be epic! It’s being held at a 5-star resort and all of the rooming options are right on the beach! It’ll be catered by a celebrity chef and we’ll have yoga classes and workshops and excursions like going to swim with the pigs!! You can find more info on my website!!

Photography by Jamie Girdler

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