LISTEN UP: Get to Know the Latinas Reigning in Music RN

LISTEN UP: Get to Know the Latinas Reigning in Music RN

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In celebration of Latinx Heritage Month, we wanted to give a shout-out to the Latinas in music who honor their culture and get our asses moving on our dancefloor (a.k.a. our kitchens while we clean). Some are on the come-up, some are already household names, but every single one of them pours their heart, soul, and heritage into their craft. Even as we write this, a few names mentioned below have made their way into the list of Latin Grammy 2019 nominees.

Get to know their stories and music. Add them to your playlists and Insta feeds. Actually, while you’re at it, throw in icons who paved the way–Gloria Estefan, Selena, Thalía, Shakira, Jennifer Lopez, Paulina Rubio, Rosario, and Celia Cruz. Let's add Cardi B in there, too! You can't deny her influence. The list goes on and on, really, but we wanted to show love to these women below for the moment. 


The Texas-native has been acting for nearly 15 years and is one of the lead actors on Freeform’s Good Trouble (a spin-off of The Fosters, another show Cierra starred in.) She’s been dropping singles since 2016, and most recently teamed up with Trevor Jackson for the sexy joint, Broke Us.


Nathy, often known as NatKillah, fuses every style of music into her own funky formula. Originally from Buenos Aires, the singer goes hard in every aspect of lyrics and sound–listen to Estoy Triste on days when you’ve had it up to “here”, and crank “Gimme Some Pizza” when you’re all up in your feelings.


Look, if you haven’t heard of Rosalía yet, then you’re kinda missing out. Technically, she’s European, as she’s from Spain, but the way she integrates Spanish culture into her videos, music, dress, and dance–she can easily be slotted into the Latin world. Spend a good half hour watching her videos on YouTube, and your creative inspiration is sure to spike!


Brazil’s singer/songwriter/actress Anitta is one to get the party started, for real. Her most recent album, Kisses, has all eyes and ears on it. She’s collaborated with Snoop Dogg, Mambo Kingz, Alesso, Prince Royce, and Major Lazer to name a bunch. Her 41 million Insta following isn’t a coincidence. She’s mega-popular for a reason.


A proud Afro-Dominicana, NYC artist who’s a firm believer in practicing wellness. (Side note: check out @namaste_mami !) Maluca’s music is fun with a capital F and makes you feel like you hopped a flight to the islands for a beachside party from dusk ‘til dawn.


Whether you call her Nan or Girl Ultra, Miss de Miguel is both the girl next door and the woman who’s empowered by her sexy side. Her soulful music is the kind you let flow through open windows as you joyride through the hills on a Sunday. Not to mention, her style is highly influential. Like Euphoria-meets-Mexico City-meets-Girl’s Night Out.


Every one of us had a lip-syncing video to “ICEY” when it first came out last year. Don’t lie! Springing from Harlem, the Dominicana rapper/singer has a head of curls that have become her signature look, and a sound that brings Spanish and English lyrics together. She’s the confident bff who set out into the world with big dreams and refuses to take no for an answer. Our kinda woman!


For so long Mia was known as the ultra-cool DJ who hails from Miami, but since she’s just recently dropped her own single, “Chimera”, we can officially add her to this list! The proud Puerto Rican wears whatever the hell she wants, she treats her dog, Larry Dingus, like a king, and spends every ounce of her time paying tribute to her heritage–whether she’s homebound with Gypsy Kings playing in the background or speaking up against injustice and inhumane treatment against people.


She had us all hooked with her breakout anthem "Tomboy", and with every song released after, Princess Nokia's message has served as lyrical guidance for those who feel unseen, unheard, and misunderstood. The Puerto Rican singer/rapper/poet is known for creating a safe zone during her concerts and encouraging her audience to be themselves and love who they are, 'cause f*ck trying to fit into a box. Her self-love is infectious. Her music is medicine. Princess Nokia is a homeopathic remedy to the daily chaos that messes with our energy. *Presses play on "Sugar Honey Iced Tea".