Why Singer MAAD is having an Everlasting Moment

Why Singer MAAD is having an Everlasting Moment

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There’s just something about singer MAAD that has us completely smitten. Her music is the sound of a weekend drive along the beach, windows down, heading somewhere magical with friends, at the height of love. And her outfits?! Her personal style feels cosmic. MAAD is rarely seen without sparkle that mimics a starry sky, or a mixed color palette similar to far-away galaxies. So, yeah, she’s pretty much out of this world, and we love her for it.

Following MAAD on Instagram is like being a part of her inner circle. By the looks of her posts, she's ready to perform at any moment, and she WILL bring a few of her coolest friends for the ride. Globally, things have come to a halt, but the East Coast native hasn’t let anything stop her artistic trajectory. Case in point–her third EP, Eventually Pt. 1, released this month, she filmed a video w/friends for Get By in Leimert Park on Juneteenth, and she’s got something big in the works with us at GA (the anticipation is too much to handle for us!).

'Til then, get to know MAAD better and check out her at-home photoshoot with photographer Vlasta Pilot.

First, letʼs get to know you more. Where are you originally from? Do you come from a big family?

Iʼm originally from the East Coast, born in NY and raised in NJ. I loved being able to call both places home at different times of my life. They both made me who I am today.

I guess I would call my family small, our Thanksgivings were typically around 9 to 10 people but as time went on some members of my family moved to Arizona and others stayed on the East Coast.

Who has been a part of your support system, from youth until today?

My parents for sure! Theyʼre both creatives and have always fully supported my dreams. Iʼm forever grateful for them. My partner Raleigh has also played a huge part in where I am today. Heʼs taught me so much about the music business and helped me grow as an artist. Itʼs important to surround yourself with people that see something special in you, even when you have a hard time seeing it.

Photography by Vlasta Pilot

How was music a part of your life when you were growing up? Any other creative outlets you enjoyed?

Funny enough, music used to be my little secret. I remember writing down that I wanted to be a singer as my future occupation in my elementary school yearbook, but was a bit shy to sing in front of others during that time.

I was always in dance classes as it was something I did since I was 4. Looking back now, I guess music was and still is very sacred to me. Iʼm in a much more comfortable space now that Iʼm able to really feel free.

Congratulations on Eventually Pt. 1, your new EP that just released! What does your recording process look like? And how do you go about narrowing down the final track list?

I appreciate it! Iʼm so excited for it to be out, I was initially concerned about releasing music but had to follow my instincts and know Iʼm making the right decision. People need an escape right now especially with everything thatʼs been going on this year.

My creative process has been the same for some time, I either find a beat I love and the melodies just flow, or I have a song idea and try to find a way to get that across to the other writers and producers I work with. Writing tends to feel like therapy for me, and I think my listeners will hear that with this EP. Itʼs honest, uplifting and relatable.

In regards to narrowing records down.. itʼs all about a feeling. It has to feel good and flow together. For me, projects are meant to take listeners for a ride and I’m excited for people to experience this one.

Photography by Vlasta Pilot

Photography by Vlasta Pilot

Your music is such a pure, happy, loving vibe–something we all need right now! What was the inspiration for the overall mood of this EP?

Thank you! Ironically, my current singles ‘Eventuallyʼ and ‘Get Byʼ speak to the current times. It wasnʼt planned, as these songs have been written and recorded for months. I strongly believe in timing and Iʼm allowing my new music to take its course. The EP overall is all about the journey of life and navigating through it all. No matter the obstacle, we eventually arrive at our destination.

For Juneteenth, you teamed with Hoop Bus, grabbed your friends and headed to Leimert Park to celebrate and film a video. What was that day like?

That day was beautiful! I loved being able to have a space for people to come and vibe out. We had a mini soul train line going and it was nice to see people release for a bit.

Last yearʼs “So N2U” (the song and cover creative) paid homage to SWV. Growing up, who/what were some of your influences?

‘90s R&B will always have my heart. Thereʼs something special about those melodies and how perfectly placed the ad libs were. Until this day, I still study ‘90s R&B records. Some of my other influencers are Janet Jackson, Kelis, Diana Ross, Tina Turner and Chic, to name a few.

Whatʼs something you tell yourself on the daily?

“I am capable of anything, I am on the right path, my music will be global.” Itʼs been really important for me to find time to meditate and manifest what I see for myself.

Name 3 things that are most important to you right now…

Family, music and self-love

Photography by Vlasta Pilot

When sh*t just isnʼt going your way, or you feel stuck, how do you push thru to get to the other side?

I have my moments, but I really try my best to look at the bigger picture and what Iʼm doing all of this for. I hold tight to what I envision for myself and focus heavily on that. I want to continue to build opportunities for people around me but also want to inspire other creatives and musicians along the way.

When no oneʼs watching, what are you doing?

Trying to find something to watch or attempting to cook.

Give us your dream collab. Doesnʼt have to be musically, it could be anything.

Musically would love to work with Pharrell Williams. It would also be amazing to have a collab with Alexander Wang. He gets the cool-girl vibes!

Letʼs pretend itʼs the year 2030–where do you see yourself and your career?

Iʼm a worldwide successful musician, dj and mogul with a top record label and media agency to help other artists flourish as well. I work this hard not only to reach my goals but also to open doors for others.

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