A Letter to My Future Self, by Munroe Bergdorf
A Letter to My Future Self, by Munroe Bergdorf

A Letter to My Future Self, by Munroe Bergdorf

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Familiar for her refreshingly honest insight into ‘white privilege’, diversity and the LGBTQ+ community, Munroe Bergdorf has proven herself as the brave and bold voice which our society needs. An icon in an age of increasing social awareness, she’s breaking industry barriers as a transgender model and activist and cultivating important conversations on race, diversity, and gender as a media commentator and writer.

Her advocacy for a fairer world is fueled by hope for the future. Change doesn’t happen overnight, but through the hard work and example of individuals like Munroe who dream of better times to come, progression is possible. And that’s why she keeps fighting—why she continues to speak her truth in the face of adversity and empower the ones around her to join the cause as well—because in a decade from now, she believes it can all have been worth it. Exclusively for GOOD TIMES, Munroe pens a letter to herself ten years from now, shedding light on just what that hope of hers looks like.

Dear Munroe,

Hey sis, it's me, it's you ten years ago! I'm not so sure where to start but I wanted to write you a letter to say that I am rooting for you. I hope that you've found a way to find some calm in this crazy life you've found yourself in. I hope you've knocked down some of those walls and let somebody in. Someone who is deserving of your body, mind and love. You can't do it all alone, I hope you not only know that by now, but have also put it into practice.

I hope in ten years time you've found a way to compartmentalize your life, to break it down into manageable pieces that don't leave you as burnt out as I often feel right now on a regular basis. I hope you are happy, I hope you aren't afraid to FEEL that happiness. Let yourself go, not everything has to be completely under your control. Let go. "Release your shoulders from your ears, unclench your jaw, and remove your tongue from the roof of your mouth".

How is your mental health sis? Remember when you went to therapy and decided to stop because you actually had to speak about your trauma. Are you speaking about it now? Have you let out some of that darkness? You deserve to let the light in. I know it's tough being a pillar for others when you feel like you want to hide. You have a good poker face, you always have. But I want more genuine smiles from you, more belly laughs, more cheek ache. Stand in your light sis, welcome it in.

What does the world look like ten years from now? Not just for you, but for your communities? I hope everything is a little less messed up than it is right now? I have so many questions but mainly just hope that you're giving yourself the time and care that you deserve and that you want to give yourself but are often too tired to practice. Please make sure that you remain open, well intentioned and optimistic. We're the same person but I know that ten years can offer a lifetime of growth, so I hope you keep growing, but retain the most important and compassionate parts of what makes you who you are.

Are you still traveling and experiencing everything you can? I hope you haven't begun to settle. I know that having your cheek pressed against a glass ceiling can be frustrating. But don't you dare give up. You have so many people counting on you. I'm counting on you. You have an opportunity right now to help others, but you need to begin with helping yourself. Take more time out, don't be afraid to not say 'the thing' or attend 'the party'. It's not a sustainable methodology always having your foot to the floor, ease up, take time, take care.

We have a long way to go and a lot to do. But you cannot and will not go the full distance without putting yourself first. So wherever you are in the world today. Whoever you are with. I hope that you've made me proud. I hope that you've made yourself proud and I hope this finds you happy, healthy and hopeful. I couldn't ask for more than that.

Love, Munroe

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