On Our Playlist: “I Am” According to Symphani Soto
On Our Playlist: “I Am” According to Symphani Soto

On Our Playlist: “I Am” According to Symphani Soto

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From beauty guru to music maven, is there anything Symphani Soto can't do? We first fell in love with this Good Squad girl on YouTube, where her infectious personality and amazing makeup skills skyrocketed her tutorials to the top. But beauty was only the start for Symphani, whose first passion had always been music. “Music is therapeutic for me,” she shares. “It’s something I've always leaned on for just sanity. When I'm happy, sad—I always turn to it.”

You’ve probably heard the 2017 single “What You Want,” but Symphani’s first EP, “i am,” shows a softer side of the artist--a display of emotional vulnerability that we can all relate to. It’s an album, she says, that was “inspired by personal relationships and experiences. I also took a lot of inspiration from artists I listened to growing up. Neo-soul, jazz, and RnB is what I grew up listening to, and I wanted to keep that influence...”

Photo courtesy of @EYEATTRACTI0N


Photo courtesy of @SYMPHANISOTO

Just like the type of music she grew up listening to, Symphani’s songs speak to the heart, building off of the truths and happenings of her reality. She explains, “’All I Know’ is about that stage in a relationship where you start to see the things you don't like about a person. You start to think is it going to last? Then ‘Second Guessing’ is about the break up. You realize that the love wasn't meant for you, and you go in separate ways.”

Check out these tracks and more music that helped shape her EP via Symphani’s exclusively curated playlist below. And if you’re getting too far into your feelings, then her final song, "Don't Feed My Ego," is a girl power ballad sure to pump you up!

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