Ramza Martin
Ramza Martin

Ramza Martin

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In our current cultural climate, we’re hearing inspiring stories from immigrant families louder than ever, and Ramza Martin has one of those. She’s proud of her Lebanese-Australian heritage and has deep ties to her family’s journey and history. She cherishes her background and uses it as inspiration in her personal and professional life. It’s a connection that has added great beauty and depth to Ramza’s life as she’s accomplished her own impressive career trifecta—lawyer, business owner, and model. All three paths speak to the things that are important to her. Being a lawyer means she can initiate change in a positive way, her haircare line, Saint Curl, works to solve a gap in the market for women with curly or ethnic hair, and as a model, she hopes to help bring a bit of diversity to the fashion industry. In essence, she’s a true woman for women, and we are so excited to have welcomed her to the Good Squad!

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The beauty industry doesn’t recognize Lebanese Australians so it’s important to give other women who are from those ethnicities someone they can see as a reference point.


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What comes with running a business is also looking after yourself, looking after your well-being and trying to stay active and healthy.

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