Beauty-Sleep Collection, Slip, Has Completely Changed Us

Beauty-Sleep Collection, Slip, Has Completely Changed Us

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Founded by Fiona Stewart and her husband, Justin Dubois, in 2004, Slip launched with the original silk pillowcase and flipped basic bedding on its head. With promises like “anti-aging, anti-sleep creases, and anti-bed head”, who wouldn’t want to jump at the chance of waking up looking bomb and refreshed every morning? If you aren’t laying your head on a silk pillow at night, are you even sleeping at all? A few of us at the GA office recently found out that, no, you aren’t. Matter of fact, wrap your hair up in a Slip scrunchie, spritz their calming chamomile and lavender sleep mist around your bed before you hop in, and slide on their sleep mask for the most luxurious zzzs you’ve ever experienced.

After a couple of nights with Slip products, we all became obsessed and understood the hype first-hand. Fiona started Slip after her dermatologist’s recommendation to cure her cystic acne with a silk pillowcase, but hunting one down proved to be harder than she’d thought. So, she created her own! Fiona’s mission was to bring beauty sleep to everyone she could and she’s totally achieved that. Beyond pillowcases, Slip has an entire collection of bedtime accessories (and necessities, at this point). Check out our reviews below, and shop the line here.

Photography by Devon Endsley 


The Last Scrunchies You'll Ever Own

“I love the scrunchies! They don’t leave as much of a dent as regular ones.”

“I have problems with my hair shedding a lot, and the scrunchies are tight but soft. So, they don’t pull out my hair like the others I’ve tried before.”

“Recently I’ve found that no matter how loosely I tie my hair, I get tension headaches. The scrunchies have helped significantly and they also don’t leave huge kinks in my hair like regular hair ties do. I’ve pretty much started using them exclusively.”

Lay Your Head on This Dreamy Case

“It’s so great. It’s super soft and feels amazing on my skin at night.”

“I’m very aware of wrinkling my face on a cotton pillowcase, but with this one, it prevents that from happening, and I don’t wake up with static-y hair or weird bends in my hair.”


Photography by Devon Endsley 


THE MASK! I can’t sleep without it. It’s the best.

A Sleep Mask is What You Never Knew You Always Needed

“Well, my fiancé stole my mask and now he refuses to sleep without it.”

“Honestly, the mask is sleep-changing. I move around like crazy at night, so sometimes it comes off. But, just the luxury of sliding it on at night makes me feel like I have my life figured out. LOL”

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