The Good Beauty Breakdown: Lady Gaga’s Tousled Top-Knot
The Good Beauty Breakdown: Lady Gaga’s Tousled Top-Knot

The Good Beauty Breakdown: Lady Gaga’s Tousled Top-Knot

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The way in which we present ourselves aesthetically can be a tool to communicate a specific story, message, or mood, and it’s safe to say that Lady Gaga is foundational to this form of self-expression. With all eyes on her, the award-winning singer, phenomenal actress, and all-around inspirational force of female talent uses her clothing and beauty choices to further represent the things she stands for.

One of the individuals helping Gaga create these special moments is her hairstylist, Frederic Aspiras, an artist and storyteller in the beauty space. Every updo, wig, cut, or color Frederic creates for his client work to support a specific and special narrative.

A recent style that did just that is the ruffled top-knot and flirty fringe updo Lady Gaga has been spotted with during the promotional tour for A Star is Born—she rocked it on Ellen and The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. It’s become a favorite of Frederic’s, who calls the look “timeless, effortless and all around sexy.”

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Frederic’s hairstyle is an extension of the feminine strength and self-empowerment Lady Gaga has so bravely exemplified in the recent months, from her knock-out debut to the big screen to her ground-breaking acceptance speech at the ELLE Women in Hollywood Awards. “It was inspired by the cool and liberating decade of the 60’s,” he shares with GOOD TIMES. “It conveys a look that a lot of women strive for, which is to maintain strength with a self-assured identity, while still allowing femininity to shine through. We’ve done so many looks in the past with very long hair or intricate, elaborate up-dos. This time we were really trying to convey her story and experience as an actress. In coming up with a hairstyle that allowed that, I had to do my research on looks that encompass a strong woman with a great sense of style.”

Chic with a subtle edge, soft yet bold, the style has become a go-to for Gaga and a workable style for any occasion or event. Frederic can’t be more thrilled with their creation. “What worked so well about this look for her was that it didn’t take away from her persona. The look allowed her to feel free and confident while still looking beautiful. Seeing her smile and shine in her appearances throughout this promo tour for the movie truly validated my efforts of making her feel great.”

Here's how to get the look!

1. Prep damp hair with IGK Car Service Blow Out Balm, distributing a dollop size amount of the product through strands evenly.

2. Section hair into parts, separating bangs away.

3. Starting with the back of the head and working up, dry hair with a round brush and blow-dryer, leaving bangs last. Use the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer with the styling concentrator attachment, applying medium heat and air flow, and a medium cricket boar bristle round brush.

4. Use a GHD Classic 1-inch Styling Iron to smooth out ends and detail the bangs, softly curling the ends of hair.

5. Apply IGK Broken Dreams Texture Paste to strands to add texture and grip. This will help create the right feel for the bun up-do and for the piecey bangs.

6. Pull hair into a pony, and secure with a blonde bungee.

7. Separate pony into two sections and loosely twist to create a ruffled bun. Secure with French pins.

8. Lastly, spray and finish with Amika Touchable Finishing Hairspray.

For more hair inspiration from Frederic Aspiras, follow him on Instagram.