The Good Mama Style Edit: Zashia Santiago
The Good Mama Style Edit: Zashia Santiago

The Good Mama Style Edit: Zashia Santiago

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In our GOOD MAMA style edit, we follow real women providing real inspiration as they balance their professional endeavors and their pregnancy journey in epic fashion.

Makeup artist, reality show star, and soon-to-be-mama once again—life is a whirlwind for Zashia Santiago, but she wouldn’t change a thing about it. With a solid family unit at home acting as her support system, nothing can stop her from following her dreams and making major moves in the industry along the way. Having a little one on the way has only fueled her fire, as Zashia’s drive acts as an example to her children to always reach for the stars as well. Here’s how she’s doing it all in style.


Photo courtesy of GOOD AMERICAN


Photo courtesy of GOOD AMERICAN

What does a usual work day look like for you, and have you made any changes or accommodations since becoming pregnant?

Since being pregnant, I’ve only worked harder. I have another bundle of joy on the way and I must be prepared! Thank goodness, I love what I do. Yes, it’s a lot of work and leaves me exhausted by the end of the day, but I guess you can say I’m a bit addicted. Some days I’ll be on set or behind the scenes of a fashion show doing makeup for beautiful models. Other days I’m filming my own YouTube channel with my family. Busy, busy, busy mama bee—but there’s always time for my little ones and the man in my life.

Tell us about The Family Project! What it been like filming during your pregnancy?

The Family Project is our new “baby.” It’s a show that gives you the inside scoop on a group of people in the entertainment industry living under one roof. My boyfriend, son, sister in-law, her best friend, and myself—"The Family”—give the audience the real on what goes on when chasing a dream in LA. Filming has been a bit hectic. Being pregnant, my body is unpredictable. Sometimes I don’t have the energy to do anything, but the show must go on!

How would you describe your current style aesthetic, and in what ways has it changed or evolved since becoming a mother?

My aesthetic has shifted a bit. It used to be somewhat edgy. Being a mom makes you see things in a different light, but I can’t change who I am for social media either. For me, pregnancy is no excuse. I still want to look sexy and feel good about myself. I want to have control over my life. Being a mother is a beautiful thing. I want to show women that you can be a mom and still turn heads!

Photo courtesy of GOOD AMERICAN


My usual “go to” look would be a plain, fitted t-shirt, jeans, heels, and a blazer. Since being pregnant, not much has changed except for the jeans!

What’s your usual go-to daily look? How about since you’ve begun to style around the baby bump?

My usual “go to” look would be a plain, fitted t-shirt, jeans, heels, and a blazer. Since being pregnant, not much has changed except for the jeans! Now they are just maternity jeans. I can thank Good American for making my selection a bit easier and a lot more stylish. But I can’t lie, as soon as I get home, I can’t wait to put on a huge t-shirt!

What styling insight can you share when it comes to dressing during pregnancy? Are there fashionable but flattering silhouettes, styles, or looks you tend to stick to?

I would say, don’t go looking at other baby bumps first. Stick to your style and make it comfy. I know that I like to look chic and put together, so if I want to wear a nice pencil skirt and blazer, then I’m going to do it. I would just need to make sure that the skirt is stretchy and comfortable. You can still dress up and be comfortable.

Can you walk us through the 3 denim looks you styled for your shoot?

I wore three looks for this shoot, but Good American made it easy. My daytime look was light wash Good American maternity jeans, a fitted, stretch, shirt, a white blazer, and heels. I wore this to a few meetings and to my son’s school.

The second outfit was a work look— all black! I loved these black ripped maternity jeans From Good American. You can’t go wrong with black while doing makeup.

The third look was my sexy date night look: dark wash Good American denim, a stretchy lace top, a cute blazer, and heels. My guy loved the look when he saw me!


Photo courtesy of GOOD AMERICAN


What have I learned about juggling family, motherhood and a busy career? Priorities!

What’s been your skincare routine or beauty essentials during your pregnancy?

Skincare while pregnant is so tough! It never stays the same, except one thing: Cocoa butter. I drown myself in the stuff. No stretch marks for me thus far. I’ll keep you posted! Other than that, I try to exfoliate once a week and add oils to any dry areas, especially overnight.

What are your makeup must-haves for Good Mamas on the go who need an easy but effective go-to look?

My makeup must-haves are very simple. Anastasia brow kit, Urban Decay concealer, Cocoa Butter Chapstick, and Maybelline mascara—these are what I use every day on my way out. If you oil your skin the night before, you won’t want to put on much makeup the next morning.

What have you learned balancing motherhood and family life with an amazing professional career?

What have I learned about juggling family, motherhood and a busy career? Priorities! My family will always come first, of course. But if I can, I take the family with me. My son, for example, loves to be a part of whatever I have going on—it makes him feel useful and important. I give him tasks and we have fun doing them. He’s already called dibs on “baby duty!” Mixing business and family isn’t always a good thing, but if it works, it works!

What aspect of motherhood are you most excited about?

I already have a grown child and am now expecting another. He’s thirteen! Oh man! But one thing that I can look forward to this time around is my son being able to experience it with me. And not to mention the amazing father that both my son and baby get to look up to. Isaiah’s biological father isn’t in the picture, but he looks up to Josh so much, and I know the baby will too. It’s a new experience in that way—a solid family.

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