Why We Vote

Why We Vote

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September 25th is National Voter Registration Day, and we're ready to represent! Kenna Sharpe, Darnell Nicole, Haley Slovenec, and Candice Huffine are integral parts of our Good Squad for how fearless they are when it comes to taking a stance on what they believe in, and by voting, they're able to do that on a national level. For the issues you're most passionate about, for the women around the world without a voice, and for hope of a brighter tomorrow, we encourage you to register to vote too! Here's how to do it in time for the upcoming midterm election, taking place November 6th.

Here's How:

1. Visit TurboVote.com and click "Get Started."

2. Fill out the necessary information when prompted.

3. Now check your email or text messages (whichever form of contact you had requested). TurboVote will follow up with the information you need to get registered or vote by mail.

4. Once you've finalized your registration, TurboVote will send you a ballot request form for your state and an addressed, postage-paid envelope. When your request form arrives, simply sign it and put it in the mail.

5. When it's time to vote, your local election board will send you a ballot. Yes, if you've requested to vote by mail, you can fill it out from home!