Writer, Comedian, and Multi-Faceted Mama Jenny Mollen Never Takes No for an Answer

Writer, Comedian, and Multi-Faceted Mama Jenny Mollen Never Takes No for an Answer

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Jenny’s career has kept her plenty busy, having hit the New York Times bestseller list for her first two laugh-out-loud books (in addition to numerous other accolades) we anxiously await the release of her third.

Jenny's relatable humor, and bare-all personality rank high on the list of qualities that make her far from ordinary and has grown her a dedicated fan base of enthusiastic followers. Married to actor and comedian Jason Biggs, Jenny hilariously shares the intimate details of their life on the daily. Here, this exceptional mama talks domestic realities, telling your truth, her latest obsessions, and, of course, bread. Join us as we get weird.

Your 9-to-5, all day everyday job?


How it all began…a quickie on your career?

Basically, I was a frustrated, angry actor married to a successful actor. I started tweeting jokes on Twitter — a powerful platform that provided an outlet for my voice.

From this, my first book deal came about a year later. But, the truth is, I still don’t know what I’m doing — I think that is what keeps it interesting.

Photography by Jennifer Trahan

Photography by Jennifer Trahan

Does being an “open-book” come naturally to you?

There really isn’t another way to be. I think I lack some sort of modesty chip.

Advice to those looking to break into the biz?

Always tell your truth — Your point of view on anything is indisputably yours. In a way, it’s the only thing you have that separates you from all the other people banging on their laptops at your local coffee shop.

How do you manage working, writing, influencing ('cause that's a thing now), traveling, and momming (also a thing)?

I have a continuous running dialogue with myself and am constantly making choices. If I pick the kids up from school, can I write in the AM? If I don’t write on Friday, can I sneak in a few hours on Saturday? It’s messy and never perfect but rarely boring....unless, of course, I’m trapped watching Paw Patrol. That's boring.

How do you get shit done from dawn to dusk?

I get up around 6 or 7 AM and beeline for the kitchen to devour a rice cake smothered in almond butter. Stare at my baby until he wakes up. Afterwhich get pummeled by my five-year-old, who's undoubtedly fully nude until I convince him to get dressed and we head to school drop-off. Write for an hour. Work out. Write for six more hours. Go home to feed and bathe both kids, while bitching about what to eat for dinner. Finally decide on something. Eat. Play with the kids and serve them “snack platters” of fruit, nuts, and string cheese. Debate with my husband for a while over whose turn it is to lay with my oldest until he falls asleep. Fall asleep somewhere that isn’t my bed. Forget to charge my phone. Do it over again the next day.

Photography by Jennifer Trahan

Photography by Jennifer Trahan

To what do you owe your success?

The reason I’m successful at work is the same reason I’m annoying in my private life. I'm relentless.

Top three major career and life milestones?

Having my children. Getting my first book deal. Hitting 10 years of marriage.

What can we look forward to next?

I have a new book coming out that feels like I’m about to birth another kid. This pregnancy has been bumpy and I am ready to be done!

A book you’re reading?

In The Land Of Men by Adrienne Miller. It’s fantastic.

When you have 5 min between things?

Scroll Instagram or add things to my Net-A-Porter cart that I never intend on buying.

Fave way to unwind?

I never fully unwind. This might be an issue.

The low down on your love story?

Jason and I are pretty much psychic twins. I keep the spark alive with humor and see-through bras.

Sex after ten years of marriage?

The sex is better it’s just finding the time for it that’s hard.

What’s the last thing you were completely obsessed with?

I’m easily distracted by shiny objects and obsessed with the most random things. I go on crazy, deep tangents from ghosts, to psychics, to Moroccan rugs. Sometimes these obsessions lead me to the far corners of the world, sometimes they cause me to sell homes. It’s genuinely quite annoying being married to me. Currently, I’m obsessed with Brent Neale jewelry and pili nuts.

If you had one more hour a day?

I'd finally get a fucking pedicure.

Photography by Jennifer Trahan

Photography by Jennifer Trahan

Five things you cannot live without?

Botox. Almond butter. Bio Effect EGF serum. Hum vitamins. And Alice and Olivia Jeans.

Your not-so-secret vice?

Heroine. Just kidding, probably bread.

You always find the time to...?

Wash my face.

# 1-morning time-saving tip?

Fuck your hair.

A takeaway or advice you can leave with us…

Put down your phone and look at your kids.

Switching gears to mom life — what advice would you give your pre-mom self about becoming a mom?

I would let myself know that none of it will be perfect but it will all be worth it. And, you're probably going to fuck it up a little bit, but that's OK. Mom guilt doesn’t mean you’ve gotten it all wrong, it’s just part of the reality of loving so much.

Scariest mom moment?

As a brand new mom, during the first three months of my son’s life, I had a night nurse who asked where his pajamas were. Dumbfounded, I stared at her blankly. I didn’t know that babies wore pajamas 🤷‍♀️. I began to spiral and felt supremely ill-equipped. How could I not know this? What else did I not know?


Best mom moment?

Watching my son kiss on the lips. Oh-la-la.

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