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Elisa Johnson

Elisa Johnson

We are thrilled to welcome Elisa Johnson to the #GOODSQUAD. Known for her larger-than-life personality, bold fashion choices and her equally stylish sibling, get to know Elisa in our exclusive Q&A. Trust us, she's magic.

You make amazingly bold fashion choices—what your favorite outfit you’ve ever worn?

I can’t pick a favorite outfit necessarily!! It’s too hard! I just love mixing high and low so wearing a Balenciaga dress with a pair of Nikes, or Alexander Wang boots with vintage tees and denim shorts. I love the whole '90s movement that is going on right now!

What is your ‘hidden gem’ spot in NYC?

I love the downstairs of La Esquina—they have the best drinks and it’s just all around a really fun and cool vibe!

You have quite the sunglasses collection—if you could only bring 3 pairs with you to a deserted island, which would you bring?

I would choose my new vintage Moschino sunglasses for a statement pair, My silver Illesteva with reflective lenses because those are my go-tos, and lastly I would bring a Dior sunglass because they always are making really unique yet classic styles!

You put a lot of your life on display on EJNYC and on Instagram, what is one thing that people don’t know that you want them to know?

I think that with my Instagram I am always giving fashion, and a more serious vibe, but I hope people know that I don’t ever take myself too seriously and I am always joking around and being silly! My Snapchat definitely gives people a look to that side of me. Within my friend group I am definitely known as someone who is always making them laugh whether I am trying to or not! They’re laughing probably as much at me, as they’re with me but it doesn’t bother me because it’s with love!

Do you have any hidden talents?

Growing up I was always very involved in acting and singing, and I still love doing both. I think that could definitely be a part of the next chapter of my life! Right now I am definitely focused on school and fashion but I would love to get back into singing and acting because they’re both things that I have always loved to do.

What is the best life advice you’ve ever received from your brother?

My best advice from my brother has definitely been to not let negativity bring you down. My brother and I are very different in that I am very sensitive and can’t help but get down when I see negativity in my comments or being directed at me. Meanwhile, EJ gets 10x that and he does such an amazing job of tuning it all out! He says it’s all about knowing you’re bomb, and being confident in who you are and not letting others try and take that away from you.

What music are you currently obsessed with?

I love the new Kendrick Lamar album, as well as Drake's 'More Life', and the Migos 'Culture' album.

You travel quite a bit between NYC and LA—what are your on-the-go essentials?

My go-to travel essential is my entire make up bag! I have every single beauty product I use organized in a bag that I bring with me everywhere! I would literally be lost without it.

What do you hope to accomplish in the next 5 years?

I hope to establish myself within the fashion industry, and begin to make a name for myself outside of being the daughter of Magic Johnson. I would particularly love to start my own sunglass line! I also would like to possibly revisit acting and music as those are also big passions of mine. Lastly and most importantly I hope to make a difference and be a voice for young black girls, and want to definitely find ways to raise my voice, and make change.

What is the one thing you and your dad bond over that people would be surprised to know?

Me and my dad always talk about boys! I know this sounds super awkward and it is honestly, but he also gives the best advice because no one is looking out for you more than your father, and he wants me to have nothing but the best.

What do you look for in members of your #GOODSQUAD?

I think what I look for in my own personal #GOODSQUAD is friends who uplift each other, and want each other to succeed. I have no room for friends who try and compete with me, or are battling for the spotlight. I think that we all have to be supportive of each other, and allow each other to grow in our own ways! And when my friends succeed it makes me so happy, and I only want friends who would feel the same for me! So often we as women feel the need to compete especially women of color, because we feel there is only room for one of us at the top, but when we come together and support each other, that’s when we truly succeed!

What does a ‘good American’ girl mean to you?

I think the good American girl is a girl who is empowered, and loves herself as she is. She is confident in her skin and doesn’t seek the approval of others, only herself.