Karizza Galang

Karizza Galang in GOOD AMERICAN jeans

We asked Karizza Galang a very straightforward yet tough question. We wanted to know what makes her the ultimate member of the #GoodSquad? Her answer landed her an instant spot in our books. “I believe that the brand conveys strength, fun, sophistication and is for smart and powerful women. I definitely think I fit that!” she proudly proclaimed with a smile. And, that she does. She’s the epitome of an independent woman who, in her spare time, does all she can to create a better community for her and those around her through her devoted volunteer work. Let’s hear it for the girl!

Karizza Galang in GOOD AMERICAN jeans
Karizza Galang in GOOD AMERICAN jeans

GOOD WAIST elevates Karizza's curvy hips and waist, which makes these her favorite pair.



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& Emma Grede.