Kenna Sharp

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Kenna Sharp aka @kennabbby is our resident Kansas doll who is crushing the social media game all while acing her finals in college. Using her social media platform to empower women of all shapes, sizes and ethnicities, there's no beauty like Kenna.

You’re from Kansas—what is one thing that would surprise people about growing up and living in the Midwest?

I think the biggest misconception of Kansas would be that it’s just farmland, which to be fair, is the majority of Kansas. I live about 10 minutes from downtown which is really hip and edgy, where everyone is super cool and down to earth. As for the rest of Kansas, eh. I would definitely love to move one day.

You’re currently a college student—what are you studying and why did you choose to go into that subject?

I originally enrolled in college as a culinary arts student because of my love for cooking and goal to open a vegan restaurant, but I realized really quickly that working in someone else’s kitchen wasn’t for me. My current major is Business Administration and minor in Psychology. I’ve owned and ran a few little jewelry businesses as a side gig starting when I was 15, business and psychology just come naturally to me. My passion for food hasn’t changed at all though, the dream for a vegan restaurant is still in my heart!

What are your go-to skincare and hair products?

Skincare has become so important to me recently, more than ever before. I wish I could say I just drink water and put coconut oil all over and could call it a night, but I’ve always struggled with random acne and bumpy skin texture in certain areas so it takes a little bit more. As of right now I use witch hazel to tone and cleanse, a prescription product from my dermatologist to control any acne, spot treat if necessary, and then a moisturizer (a lot of moisturizer, the brand varies) and rose water. Rose water is my favorite thing right now, I put it on my bare skin, and spray it all over my makeup to give me a fresh dewy glow. I don’t do much to my hair other than slick a little bit of argan oil through and make sure I stay up on taking vitamins!

You are very vocal about social issues and body positivity on social media– which we love! What do you want your followers to take away from these posts?

I think the most important thing when you have a platform is to speak out on any issues you can. As far as body positivity, I hope that my followers can take away so much. Even something as little as seeing a photo of someone with a body type like theirs being represented. I struggled with my body SO much as a child and teenager and had nobody to look up to that looked like me. The fact that there are now so many more plus size people being included in the fashion industry will help young people tremendously with self confidence. I hope that my followers can take away a feeling of representation and self- confidence, whether it be wearing a skirt for the first time or posting a full body picture. For me, seeing someone that looks like me doing or wearing something that I normally wouldn’t, inspires me to feel comfortable to step outside of my comfort zone. It can really be the little things that help build your confidence and comfortability with yourself.

What has your experience been like being a part of the #GOODSQUAD?

My experience being a part of the #GOODSQUAD has been incredible. The whole experience itself of going to LA was amazing. I want to go back! Everyone I met while shooting for the campaign was so nice and down to earth. The whole experience is still super surreal to me, especially the fact that this was really my first time ever modeling in my life other than taking selfies in the mirror. My following started to grow when I was 16 after being made fun of for being plus size, and look at where I am today! All of the girls on the #GOODSQUAD are so inspiring and such strong figures, I’m so honored to be a part of it!

What do you think brands and publishers can be doing more of in order to be more inclusive?

Although there has been some really awesome inclusivity happening this year in fashion, there is a ton of room to grow. Inclusivity doesn’t mean dropping one person of color on a runway, and one size 12. Brands really need to make a step to acknowledge that they NEED to include more than one type of person. We need to see way more people of color, LGBTQA+ folks, plus size folks (more than just size 12 hourglass figures), disabled folks, etc. The people are out there waiting to be casted, it’s up to the people doing the casting and the brand itself to be inclusive.

What do you hope to accomplish in the next 5 years?

In the next five years I would hope to have almost obtained my Masters degree. I would love to really immerse myself more into modeling if I get the opportunity, and to really be doing everything I can to stay educated on social issues and do everything I am capable of doing to fight those issues happening in our country and around the world.

You’re super creative with your make-up looks. Where do you get your inspiration?

I used to be super into makeup, some of my looks actually went “viral”, the recreation of the meme of the little girl with purple makeup smeared all over her face. Lately I’ve been super into skincare and being a little bit more natural with my makeup, but I love doing a full face every once and a while. I love vintage fashion and beauty, so I definitely pull a lot of inspiration from that. My favorite things right now are glossy lips, rosy cheeks, and dewy skin!

What outfit makes you feel the most like yourself?

I totally used to be someone who only wore skirts and dresses back when I was super into vintage fashion. Since starting college all I care about now is being comfy. What I feel most like myself in now 100% is jeans and a t-shirt (and a windbreaker.) I never thought I would be the person to say that but it’s true. GOOD AMERICAN jeans are absolutely my go-to, I can look so put together and cute but still be so comfortable.

To you, what does it mean to be a ‘good American’ girl?

To me, being a “good American” girl means supporting ALL girls regardless of race, sexuality, size, ability, etc. Uplifting and supporting each other instead of putting others down is key.