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Kim Johansson

Kim Johansson

Arguably one of the coolest girls on the internet (and IRL), Kim Johansson inspires and makes us laugh on the daily. Get to know one of our favorite body positive activists and pop culture enthusiasts in our exclusive Q&A.

You have such an amazing presence across all of your social media profiles—do you approach each platform differently?

With each platform I'm just 100% myself. I share the good, the bad, and the ugly because I feel like I've built a pretty solid relationship with my followers over the years. It's like they've watched me grow up from when I was 17 to now so we all relate to each other and I just try to exude that on all platforms.

Have you had any memorable experiences meeting a follower IRL?

I've had multiple memorable experiences meeting my followers because I usually meet a lot of female followers and they always tell me stories about how I've helped them learn how to love themselves or helped them gain self confidence and that really resonates with me. It just goes to show that if you really put your platform to use, you can have a positive impact on someone's everyday life.

You’ve traveled all around the world but live in Atlanta—what makes this city so special to you?

Honestly, I only live in Atlanta because my family is here but over the years I've grown to really love the city I grew up in. There's a lot of culture and history in Atlanta outside of the typical country stereotype the city might have—that makes it really special.

What is the ideal outfit for a mini-getaway to Atlanta?

The less, the better. It gets so hot here during the summer it almost makes you want to walk around naked but that's illegal. My go-to outfit for the summer is a nice pair of denim shorts and a crop top with some Vans. Simplicity and being comfortable is key.

What’s the most vulnerable thing you’ve shared on social media?

I think the most vulnerable thing I shared on social media was how I struggled with body issues. My followers have really seen me go from a rock-bottom confidence level to the top. I view me sharing something so personal with them as rewarding because someone out there was able to relate and take something from what I was going through.

Which accomplishment are you most proud of so far in your career?

I'm really proud of just being able to say that I've been an example for the average body sized girl to become a model or really anything. I just like being able to instill confidence into others no matter what it is they're doing. I want all my followers or anyone that listens to me to feel like they can do anything they really put their mind to.

Where do you turn for inspiration? Any muses?

Rihanna, Gwen Stefani, Kelis, and Angelina Jolie are my inspirations/muses. They're all eclectically themselves and own it to the fullest. It's so inspiring to watch them perform or read interviews they've done because they just radiate this self assurance that I aspire to fully embody one day.

What beauty and hair products can you not live without?

I can not live without The Face Shop. It's a Korean skin care/beauty line that literally turns your skin into gold. I used their Ginseng Gold face wash and it made my skin look/feel brand new. Korean skin care in general is just so ahead of us. I swear and live by it.

We are OBSESSED with your Tumblr – what are some of your favorite Tumblr posts?

My favorite Tumblr posts are probably anything on It's nostalgia at its finest and just takes me back to a time that I wish I was my age right now in.

Who are some of your favorite Tumblr accounts to follow?

What music are you currently obsessed with?

Currently I've been on a throwback binge so anything from the late '90s to the early '00s has been on my playlist. Ranging from N*Sync and Spice Girls to Brandy and Sisqo.

You are such a strong voice for female empowerment and confidence—what’s the best advice you’ve ever received about how to handle the inevitable insecurities?

There's not one piece of specific advice that I received that I could say was the life-changer. It was just growth and acceptance over time that made me understand that there's nothing that I can do about certain things regarding my body or my face or personality traits so I just have to learn how to love it all.

You only have one life to live—why spend it hating yourself? Learn to love yourself in every aspect. Don't feel bad if you hate yourself either because we've all been there but do something to change your perspective on yourself. If it's going to the gym everyday for 30 minutes or tatting up your whole body just do whatever makes you feel good and look good. Don't waste your life being miserable with yourself. Also tune out all the extra things people might have to say about you. That's number two. People will ALWAYS have something to say about everything you just have to learn to take it with a grain of salt.

What do you hope to accomplish in the next 5 years?

In the next 5 years I want to continue growing in my modeling and acting and just continue down the path I'm on. I also just want to continue being a role model and positive example to the youth—especially young girls!

What does it mean to be a good American girl?

To be a good American girl in my opinion means you have fun and live freely but not at the expense of others.