Louisa Taadou

Louisa Taadou in GOOD AMERICAN jeans

She loves Fashion with a capital ‘F’. Don’t believe us? Take a quick trip to Google and check out the long list of fashion shows she’s walked in, the iconic magazines her face has been in and the many designers who have been dying to work with the one and only Louisa! But her love for fashion goes deeper than the clothes. Working in the wonderful world of modeling has allowed her the change to travel the world, learn about new cultures, and test out various local traditions. If you need MORE proof, look at her Instagram, where all this is documented alongside her favorite work out tips. Get fit….or die trying.

Louisa Taadou in GOOD AMERICAN jeans
Louisa Taadou in GOOD AMERICAN jeans

GOOD CUTS gives Louisa a relaxed fit which makes these her favorite pair.



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