Ryan Destiny

Ryan Destiny

Ryan Destiny is a star on the rise—pun intended. As a lead cast member of Fox's hit musical show 'Star', Ryan is a triple threat—she sings, acts and RULES on social media. When Naomi Campbell considers you her 'daughter', you must be doing something right. She's as gold-hearted as she is beautiful—get to know the newest member of our #GOODSQUAD.

Tell us about your experience working on ‘Star’

It's eye opening. I've learned A LOT and I never imagined my dreams to come this way. I get to do everything I love in one.

What is something we wouldn’t expect about your co-star Naomi Campbell?

I always thought she'd want a more business relationship, but she's genuinely personable. I gained a new friend in her.

What are your go-to wardrobe staples?

1. My black hoodie, I can never do a trip without it. 2. Any pair of my AF1's.

You grew up in Detroit—how does that inspire your style and your attitude?

I'm a very laid back person and that comes out a lot in my style. Though, honestly people from Detroit can be really flashy. I've learned to appreciate that now more than ever and I'll never be ashamed to rock something because I worked hard to get it. That is Detroit.

You are living and working in Atlanta—what are some of your favorite spots in ATL?

I love eating and ATL is good for that. So I've discovered 1. Serpas 2. Chick-a-biddy 3. BrickTops. I could go on but those 3 are great.

What are some artists that you’re currently obsessed with?

Kendrick Lamar, always. Khalid. Sabrina Claudio. MIKNNA. That's just a small few.

What has been the highlight of your career so far?

The highlight has been the support that's grown. Things get hard mentally. So having my personal support system has always been needed. Now, the support is spread all over and it feels good to have people look up to you or create a changed perspective. It keeps me going.

What advice to you have for young girls who are coming into their own?

Stay focused on yourself as long as you can and need. You're a growing force that will always be evolving and because of that—learn to walk in your truth of imperfection.

If you had to choose between singing and acting—what would you choose?

I can't. Next question! Haha

Who is your dream music collaboration?


Dream co-star?

Tatiana Maslany

You’re working on a solo project—what can we expect from your new music? We’re so excited!

You can expect an introduction of who I am and where I am in life at the moment. Things you can chill to but also dance to.. (if you felt like it lol)

What are the 3 beauty products you can’t live without?

1. My lip pencil by Mac in 'chestnut' 2. Laura Mercier translucent powder 3. Mario Badescu drying lotion.

What does the idea of a ‘good American girl’ mean to you?

A girl finding and freely being whoever she wants to be and making a difference in any way while doing that. It's possible.