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Yovanna Ventura

Yovanna Ventura

Take one look at Yovanna Ventura’s Instagram page and you’ll be enamored off the bat. Her world travels are something to envy and her sweet demeanor is a breath of fresh air. Get to know this all-around babe in our exclusive Q&A.

How do you manage to stay close with your family with your busy schedule?

My parents live in Miami 12 minutes from me so I always visit them as much as I can when I'm back in Miami.

You’ve traveled to some pretty incredible places – what’s your favorite place you’ve visited recently?

My favorite place must be St. Barths'. It's so beautiful and tiny, you can drive the whole island in about an hour and the views are unreal!

What do you want to accomplish in the next 5 years?

I want to have my own business, be working in a few movies/shows, and have many campaigns I look back at.

What are your favorite spots in Miami?

Naiyara, The Standard and The Webster

What should every girl pack for a weekend trip to Miami?

Sunscreen, a lot of bathing suits, clubby dresses, shorts, a lot of cute summer stuff!

You have an incredible social media following – what is your favorite thing about having such a large audience?

The support you get from most of your followers makes it easier to have a reason to not give up!

What beauty products can you not travel without?

Sunscreen and my BB cream

You are always in the gym—what is your favorite workout of the moment?


If you could only use one Snapchat filter for the rest of your life – which would it be?

The flower crown

You are passionate about animals-what are some of your favorite charities that you like to work with?

Miami Safe Shelter shelter and Black Jaguar-White Tiger

In an ideal world, how many pets would you like to own and what would they be?

About 5 dogs, raccoons, pigs, otters... lol

What does the idea of a ‘good American girl’ mean to you?

A confident girl, who feels beautiful and happy.