denim care
denim care

Denim Care Guide

If you’re anything like us, you probably have a strong connection to your favorite pair of jeans.

We’re in our jeans almost every day of the week, so maintaining fit, quality, and wash is a priority. Follow these easy care tips to keep your denim looking and feeling its best.

How to Wash & How Often

Don’t wash your jeans too often, this not only prevents fading and shrinking, but it also conserves water and lessens your impact on the environment. Believe it or not, natural elements like body oil, air, and a little dirt only add character to your jeans. When you do decide to wash your jeans, remember these simple rules:

+ Wash your jeans inside out
+ Wash in cold water with similar colors*
+ Air dry flat or hang dry*
+ Tumble dry low 5-10 minutes (if jeans get stiff from air drying)
+ Don’t iron*

*High heat tears through the stretch within our denim, wearing down the fabric and decreasing longevity

deep blue denim
deep blue denim

Denim Care in Between Washes

If you find a small stain on your jeans, you can spot clean them in between washes by using a damp cloth or an old toothbrush with some mild soap to remove small stains. To freshen up your jeans in between washes, you can air them out by hanging them outside or you can mist with fabric spray to release odors. You can also try freezing your jeans overnight, as this is said to kill bacteria and odors that build up after prolonged wear. While freezing denim isn't a replacement for washing, it can extend the time between washes while eliminating germs.

Fever Fade Denim

Always Fits & White Denim

Always Fits is our most delicate denim and we therefore advise hand washing or machine washing in cold water, followed by air drying. When it comes to white denim, avoid bleach as it can cause your denim to eventually turn yellow. If you do get a stain, rinse it in hot water as soon as possible to loosen and lift the stain. Follow up by washing in cold water with like colors.

Always Fits Denim