GOOD AMERICAN is designed for a curvier, sexier and stronger shape.

The pivotal brand originated from a conversation between Khloe Kardashian and Emma Grede about what it means to be a woman today. “We believe everybody deserves to be shown off. Fashion should be made to fit women, not the other way around. Body ideals really have shifted in the last few years”, says Emma.

“Emma and I both agreed there was something missing from the denim community,” says Khloe. “Whenever we bought new jeans, it was hard for us to find a pair that fit our body types, and even when we did they’d always need alterations. We knew if we both had this problem, there must be tons of girls who did too. So we set out to make a denim line that’s sexy and flattering, and made to fit you – not the other way round.”

Since day one, we've made promises to you and to ourselves about how we operate as a company...and we've upheld them.

We are proud to be leaders in the body positivity movement. We feature women of all shapes, sizes, colors and backgrounds.

Every garment we create is available in a full and inclusive size range. No compromises.

Wherever you shop GOOD AMERICAN, you will find every size in one place. No size separation necessary.

We donate from every item sold to Step Up, an organization that propels girls from under-resourced communities to fulfill their potential.

And this is only the beginning...

GOOD AMERICAN is available exclusively on and at select Stockists.